How The Vlancia Home Buyers Process Works

No Realtor. No Fees. No Commissions. No Repairs.

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How we buy houses in Atlanta, Georgia

Forget about paying commissions or making repairs. By eliminating the middleman (agents, banks, inspections, etc.), our process is simpler and faster, and cheaper – which means more money to you! We can buy on your timeline. Take what you need and leave the rest. 100% Free no obligation cash offer in 24 hours or less!

Cash For Your Home In 3 Simple Steps!

Step 1


We research the details of your home and start crafting a great offer for you.

Step 2


We present you with a fair cash offer with no obligation and no fees.

Step 3


Get the cash you need now. You do NOT have to wait 6 – 12 months to get your house sold.

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Told You…As Easy As

This Explains The Steps Involved, But What Exactly Goes On Behind The Scenes?

Before you embark on this journey, we encourage you to educate yourself before deciding what your best options are. What follows next is a well thought out, fully detailed explanation on how the entire house buying process works from beginning to end. Please read through this and you will be an expert on the topic!

Cash For Your Home..The Details

So You Want To Sell Your House Fast For Cash.

…And Still Want a Fair and Awesome Offer

Trust us, several of our clients ended up choosing us after trying a competitor. Most of these are national “We Buy Houses” companies that make insanely high offers just to entice you to choose them. Those offers are super inflated to prevent you from shopping around for more offers. They will then pressure you to sign a contract and after it’s signed, they will attempt to lower the offer using the results of an “inspection” as an excuse. Don’t Fall For That! This may cost you time and money you can’t afford to lose.

On the other hand some will try to make you as low of an offer as possible to feel you out and see what how little you’re willing to take. These “salesman” strategies don’t make any sense here at Vlancia Home Buyers. We are a local honest business. No need for high or low offers, just an honest and fair one!

How We Make Offers To Buy Your Home

It Is In Our Best Interest To Give You Our Highest Possible Offer!

Vlancia Home Buyers keeps its business going by getting offers accepted, in fact, we believe it is the most important part of our business. In order to keep it going, we have to make offers that YOU, the Seller would be happy with. We truly do our best to make you the highest possible offer we can give. We want to buy your house and leave you with a smile 🙂

Our Offers Are Based On Your Home’s After Repair Value (ARV)!

This simply means, we look at what the value of your home would be after we fixed it up. Based on this value we will formulate your offer!

How Exactly?

Consider this scenario:

Imagine you are ready to sell your house, and you want to sell it fast!

Imagine that you have a neighbor down the street that just recently sold their home. Their home is exactly like yours, except that it was fully rehabbed. We’re talking an HGTV level of a rehab!

Now Imagine that home sold for 300k!

What Do We Know Now?

Well we know now that if we do the same HGTV level rehab to your house that your neighbors did then we could reasonably expect to sell it for $300k.


We now know the Market value of your house if we fixed it up is $300k. This is called the AFTER REPAIR VALUE or ARV. Using the ARV and an estimate of the repairs/upgrades (more on how we come up with the estimate later), we can now make an offer that works for us. If this offer also works for you, great we close and you get your money at closing! As you can see, we make offers based on the market numbers, not emotion. We do not try to take advantage of a tough situation like many of our competitors do. 

If you enjoy math, you will love this section. Even if you do not, don’t fret, we make it easy to follow along. We aim to be as open and honest as possible with full transparency into our process, but shh, don’t let our competitors know our secrets 😉

Let’s define what all this stuff means:

So what does this formula mean in plain English? To put it simply:

A Real Life Example…

Let’s take a look at an actual house that we purchased recently and show you how we applied the steps above.

Let’s say this is your house in it’s current condition:

Definitely not the worst house we’ve ever seen by any means but it definitely needs to be updated!

We were able to find a neighbor of yours down the street who sold their house a month ago that is identical to yours in square footage and number of beds and baths. They did some major renovation though and put on a new roof, opened the layout, installed brand new cabinets, new floors, new appliances etc. They sold their home for 300k. This is what their house looked like when they sold it:

Wow! Look at the difference. You can see now how they were able to sell their home for $300k.

After we purchase your home from you, in order for us to sell it for $300k, we’ll have to perform the same level of renovation or better.

It would be impossible for us to sell your home as-is for $300k when your neighborhood has renovated homes that are going for $300k. Would you, as a home buyer, buy a home in lesser condition for $300k when a much nicer house down the street sold for 300k a month ago? No, of course not!

So, an obvious question you should have now is:

“Ok, I understand what the after repair value of the home is now, but what is the value of the home as-is?”

Let’s say you talked to a local realtor and they assessed the value of the house and said that in it’s as-is condition it’s worth 190k.

Now once you give us a call, we’ll set up a walkthrough of your property. In some cases we will bring our trusted contractor and our seller’s agent. We bring them because our agent knows what buyers are looking for in your market and our contractor will tell us how much everything costs.

Our Agent

“Guys, I think we’ll need a top level renovation to get top value for this house. We’ll need a open layout, hardwood floors, granite countertops, new cabinets, new paint, new appliances, etc.”

Our Contractor

“Due to the square footage of the house and the renovations required, I think the cost of repairs will be 70k”

Now We’re Ready to Make an Offer!

Here are the Numbers

As you can see, we make offers based on the numbers. We don’t make offers based on emotion. We don’t try to take advantage of your situation. We also don’t base our offers on some arbitrary percentage of what the ARV is like a lot of our competitors do, which is ridiculous and unfair to you!

Analyzing the Offer

So the agent that you called said they could sell the house as-is for $190k. But after closing costs, agent commissions which will amount to around 6%, you will get around $174k. What’s more is that your house will likely be on the market for up to 4-5 months unless your lucky! That means you’ll also be making mortgage payments during this time which cuts into your profits as well. And no one can guarantee that you will sell your house at all after you list it! Matter of fact, a lot of our clients contact us after failing to sell their house with an agent!

So Now You Have a Decision To Make

Sell it for a guaranteed 160k in as little as 7 days, or maybe sell it for 174k in 4-5 months. Looks like an easy decision to me!

Let’s take a look at how this affects our numbers:

Yep that’s right! That is 10k MORE than what your house is currently worth and almost 30k more than what you would have gotten if you would have listed with an agent!

Want to Know What The Numbers Look Like For YOUR House?

You have nothing to lose by contacting us for an offer. Fill In The Form, It’s 100% Free!

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The Best Offer For Your Property

Now we know that EVERYONE makes this same bold claim. But we will show you why we stand by this as TRUTH!

Our offers are based on the actual values of your home before and after we get in and fix it up. We have tons of experience flipping homes and know how to get it done fast, efficiently, and most importantly, cost effectively. We are experts at establishing the as is and after repair value of homes. We’ve built a network of great contractors that give us great prices on the cost of repairs and we do a lot of the repairs ourselves! The money we’re able to save because of that, we’re able to pass onto you by making you the highest offer as possible!

Simple. If we can offer you more money than our competitors can, you will sell to us! We don’t want to waste our time or yours. The more houses we can flip the more we can help with our mission of improving our community!

For the house below, we were able to give this seller an offer that was much higher than our competitors. They needed to sell fast, didn’t want to deal with a realtor, and we offered them the best deal and easiest process. This review is genuine!

Marquis house. Vlancia Home Buyers

Our Clients Love Us 😊

Mauri Vlancia Home Buyers Review
Joshua Vlancia Home Buyers Review
Taneya Vlancia Home Buyers Review
Marquis Vlancia Home Buyers Review

And So Will You 😊

We Are Cash Home Buyers In Atlanta

Vlancia Home Buyers provides the easiest and fastest way to sell your home in Atlanta. We eliminate the headache that comes with listing your house with a real estate agent. We don’t rely on bank approvals, we have our own cash. We buy houses in any condition, as-is, and we can close on your home quickly without you performing any repairs or cleaning. You will not have to pay any agent fees or commissions. It all starts by filling in our form and contacting us!

Here at Vlancia Home Buyers we value honesty, integrity and transparency. We will be there for you during every step of the process. We want you to be as informed and comfortable as possible. Contact us and we will explain exactly how all of this works and what you can expect. If you need to sell your house in Atlanta fast, we truly believe you will not regret working with us. Give us a call now, let’s get started!

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